AMI Research

It is the key policy that the American Montessori Institute focuses on its most attention to Research. AMI Research contains significant Montessori-related research and encourages new research that will build an increasingly robust body of knowledge on Montessori education. Especially, since 2003 we cooperate with the American Montessori Society (AMS) to search for “how to promote Montessori education in the world” .

We hope that AMI research can assist the growing number of researchers examining Montessori education. In addition, the American Montessori Institute provides links to a variety of resources that can help you share your research results with the broader community.

AMI Publications

The American Montessori Institute (AMI) has published over twenty books with the AMI strategic partner, AMS. The publications of the AMI embody the mission of the Society “to advance and diffuse the knowledge of Montessori Education and Science”. We strive to produce Montessori books of the highest quality, and at the same time, to keep our books accessible to researchers, educators, parents and students at institutions of all types and sizes, everywhere in the world, through ongoing efforts to reduce production costs and through policies such as reduced-price or free subscriptions for all of individual readers.

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