Montessori Teacher Scholarships & Funds

Price Leaving Certificate or trainingAmerican Montessori Institute provides teacher education scholarships and research funds to aspiring Montessori teachers, which help keep Montessori vital and developing by both supporting Montessori educators of tomorrow and bolstering the development of critically important research.

Teacher Education Scholarships

Every year, through the awarding of Teacher Education Scholarships, AMI supports the growth of Montessori teachers of tomorrow.

Those eligible to apply for scholarships are individuals who have been accepted, are in the process of being accepted, or are already enrolled in an AMI membership.


Scholarships are drawn from one fund: the AMI Teacher Education Scholarship Fund, established in 1998 to honor the English native speaking teachers who want to study Chinese and Montessori taught by Chinese in China. Every year, the fund is to support twenty teachers studying one year in China. The scholarships will cover the one-year tuition fees and living fees. AMI administers this fund and select the candidates.

Graduations & Credentials

Within one or two years, teachers will complete a AMI & CMS  jointed Montessori teacher education program, including both academic work at an AMI-affiliated teacher education program and an internship at one CMS-approved Montessori school. AMI and AMS early childhood credentials will award to teachers who successfully complete the program of 910 hours: 370 Academic hours and 540 Practicum hours.


Applicants are considered on the basis of financial need, a compelling personal statement, 3 letters of recommendation, and official verification of acceptance into an AMI-affiliated program. The teacher should send the application to the AMI office via an email at

The application deadline for a school year is June 1st.

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