To be a Member – AMI Montessori

AMI Montessori is a collaboration of students, teachers, parents, administrators, institutes, schools, families, and others who prize Montessori education. AMI is an open and worldwide membership organization,

Membership includes valuable benefits and opportunities, such as online access to our publication, journals, videos of famous Montessori educators & experts; discounted AMI-made Montessori materials & conference fees; and publishing scientific papers. More important is, as an AMI member, you’ll be part of a movement to improve education for children around the globe and a strong advocacy voice in public policy affairs.

Your membership in AMI is very important to support us ensuring high standards for Montessori schools and teacher education programs, providing professional development for Montessori teachers, raising public awareness and understanding of Montessori education.
Welcome to join us as an AMI membership, you may join at any time with a free member.

We love to see your smiles!

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